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Lion Capital Group is a consulting and advisory organization with its focus in alternative business finance. We started successfully investing in short-term, alternative business loans since 2008 and quickly realized market-beating returns without the headline, geo-political or stock market risks. We decided that this industry needed to be introduced to hedge funds and other institutional investors whom were having difficulty earning positive returns.

Lion Capital Group has cemented itself as a “go-to” source for institutional capital and building enterprise value for ISOs (brokers) and funders. Our track record consists of helping brokers grow as much as 5-fold since being retained as their consultant. Because of our tenure and network, we have access to many lucrative investing opportunities and relationships, as well as to many of the industry’s best performers and best management.

Whether you are a broker or a funder sourcing capital to lend or grow your business, or if you want to improve any aspect of your business, Lion Capital can assist you. If you are an investor or financial institution wanting to learn more and invest in the profitable alternative business loan space, Lion can provide the know-how and resources or even forge the necessary relationships with its all-star network of successful industry partners. To learn more please go to our about us and read our success stories located below.


Lion has invested in and assisted over 60 ISOs over the past 8 years, since the peak of the financial crisis. Our success has been based on our ability to share a core group of necessary best-practices that allow ISOs to out-perform their growing list of hungry competitors. Our vast experience in working with over 60 ISOs has given us a wealthy and assorted base of knowledge and specialized experience that is unmatched. If you are looking for a competitive advantage in this increasingly competitive environment, now is the time to enlist our support.

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  • 20m USD syndication fund available to your ISO
  • Organic SEO services, using Googles #2 ranked SEO firm
  • Outsourced deal placement service, to fund your difficult deals
  • 140-line audit and review of your ISO
  • Prioritized post-audit improvement plan for your ISO
  • The industry’s best lead sources
  • Institutional credit lines, with answers in 1 week
  • Introductions to the CEO’s of the industry’s best funders
  • Static pool development and underwriting consulting
  • Merger and acquisition and investment options
  • Unique artificial intelligence application chaser, ask for details

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Happy Clients

Through relentless work ethic and constant, effective networking, Lion has a host of satisfied industry leaders that are thankful to Lion Capital for making their businesses bigger, better and stronger.


David Goldin

Capify - Founder/CEO (formerly AmeriMerchant)

Joe has defied the odds since I met him. I get finance pros and hedge funds in my office every week looking to make some kind of move, and usually nothing happens. I initially thought Joe would be the same. Joe has not only gotten one big multi-million deal done for us, but two. He has a strong ISO network, drives much business our way, cares about my business and is constantly connecting us to people that can help us grow. Joe has also worked tenaciously to make an impact and execute for Capify, for that I am thankful.

Mike Kevitch

Small Business Funding, CEO/Founder

I have been working with Lion Capital for almost 3 years. I appreciate savvy, knowledgeable professionals in the space and that is why I hitched my wagon to Lion Capital. Joe has referred and given us so many originations that I had to hire two more underwriters just to handle his network of ISOs. He is available 20 hours a day and is responsible for a large part of our success. He also takes the time to offer us anything and everything he discovers that can help our business. This industry is filled with talkers but Joe is definitely a do-er. Whether it is his strong SEO service, leads, underwriting, and institutional credit lines, Joe has connected us to all the industry’s best.


Let us assist and build an impressive static pool that will allow you to determine default rate and other risk metrics by vintage. A static pool is a must if you wish to obtain a large credit facility or investor interest. We have over 19 years’ experience working with firms like American Express managing business credit risk. We employ the same risk management techniques for our investing clients

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